Tutorial: Data-driven organization design

Data-driven organization design is part of the more general People analytics trend.

Basically, it means striving to produce the best possible data and evidence to support organization design decision – to make sure that the organizational model will facilitate rather than hinder effective work processes and to help ensure that the strategy can be implemented.

New methods and tools promise to completely change the way we do organization design, because we now have access to far better data and more sophisticated tools than before.

In this Tutorial, I will show you how you can use Reconfig to address seven different organizational design challenges:

  1. Create “situational visibility” (i.e., establish a common understanding of how the organization works)
  2. Move from functional to cross-functional teams
  3. Improve collaboration between teams in Agile organizations
  4. Reduce collaboration overload and increase productivity
  5. Choose between local and corporate-wide optimization of structure
  6. Choose between a product vs. geographical model
  7. Simplify a complex organizational structure

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About the author

Nicolay WorrenHi, I am Nicolay Worren. I am currently an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and co-founder of Reconfig. I have written a book about organization design and several articles published in academic journals. Let’s stay in touch – I hope you find my newsletter useful!