Designing for Sustainability

Nowadays, most organizations have prioritized environmental and social sustainability goals alongside growth and profitability. Most companies have appointed sustainability executives that report directly to the board. However, embedding sustainability into the overall organizational structure remains a challenge. 

That is where Reconfig comes in. Reconfig supports a holistic approach to ensure that managers throughout the organization “own” the various sustainability performance metrics.  By using data to understand the impact of different organizational structures and processes on sustainability, leaders can make more informed decisions about how to reconfigure their operations to promote sustainable outcomes.

Increase your sustainability impact with Reconfig

Using Reconfig to align operations with sustainability goals, organizations can make a positive impact on the world.

How to use Reconfig for sustainability:

  1. Our data-driven platform enables organizations to analyze their current operations and understand the impact they have on sustainability.
  2. Designing cross-functional CSR teams that oversee the various sustainability initiatives
  3. Establishing accountability for sustainable development goals across all organizational units.

Customer Success Story


Sustainable Rice Platform

Optimizing governance model for the Sustainable Rice Platform – transforming the global rice sector for a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable future.