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Most organizations were designed for a world that is rapidly disappearing —an era of process optimization based on standardization and predictability. As a leader or a consultant, keeping your organization in sync with the shifting demands of internal and external stakeholders is the biggest challenge.

Adapt to changes in strategy

Translate strategy into key functions and activities

Agile transformation

Building effective networks of semi-independent teams to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world

Digital transformation

Aligning the organizational structure with digital work processes to meet the demands of a globally interconnected world

Sustainability transformation

Adapting the organizational structure and operating model to deliver on their ESG commitments to meet the demands of a world in crisis

Redesign IT department

Transform your IT department into a change agent

Post merger integration

Realize intended synergies integrating the core functions of two merging organizations

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How we help


Whether it is driven by the need to lower costs, improve performance, or re-align with strategy, Reconfig is your trusted partner to design your organization so that you are ready to meet current and future demands.

  • Visualize the current state of your organization and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Model different scenarios, and compare the impact of design decisions to make informed choices.
  • Engage stakeholders in fact-based discussions about the future of your organization.

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how we help




We aid business leaders in solving critical organizational issues.

Our structured approach engages your stakeholders to create buy-in and trust.

We work with a global network of regional & domain specialists (link to partner network)

Our experience in large-scale transformational initiatives makes it easy to work with us

Your results:

  • Alignment with your purpose and strategy
  • Coherence and consistency between design elements
  • Trust among your stakeholders
  • Better performance of your organization



Organization Design training by Reconfig is an interactive learning experience that equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design high-performance, purpose-driven organizations.

The training is designed for business leaders and management consultants who want to learn how to apply AI-powered tools and methodologies for organization design.

The training covers best practices for identifying the root causes of organizational challenges, creating a common purpose, and designing an aligned organizational structure.

Participants will leave the training with a deep understanding of the key concepts of organization design and the confidence to apply them in their work.



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Inspiration workshops


Workshops and mentoring

Reconfig offers tailored workshops and individual mentoring services to help leaders achieve their specific goals. Our experienced consultants have extensive knowledge in the field of organization design, and can provide targeted support to address the unique challenges and objectives of your organization.

Whether you’re looking to improve communication and collaboration, streamline processes, or implement a new strategy, Reconfig has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. 

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