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What is organizational design? How should we proceed when we re-organize our firm? How can we align the organization structure with the work processes, or with the strategy? You will get answers to these questions in our resource center.

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Nicolay Worren, who created this content, is a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and co-founder of Reconfig. He has 18 years of management consulting experience and has participated in more than 30 organization re-design projects. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University and is the author of Organization Design: Simplifying complex systems (Routledge, 2018).

Organization design

Organization Design written by Nicolay Worren equips the reader with advanced tools and frameworks, based on both research and practical experience, for understanding and re-designing organisations. Particular emphasis is placed on how one can improve effectiveness by simplifying complex roles, processes, and structure The first version was shortlisted for the “Management  book of the year” award in the UK. Further information about this book:

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