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The role of IT departments is changing in the current business environment. With the rise of outsourcing, internal IT departments face increased competition and must adjust their focus to remain relevant and valuable to the business.

When the IT organization is aligned with the business strategy, it can act as a true partner to the rest of the company, rather than simply serving as a support function. IT teams can play an active role in shaping the business’s digital strategy.

However, aligning the IT organization with the business strategy can be challenging due to conflicting goals and perspectives between development teams and IT operations. Many IT organizations are constantly in firefighting mode, spending up to 30% of their resources on incident handling and problem-solving.

With Reconfig you can:

  1. analyze the actual collaboration patterns of your IT organization,
  2. identify the bottlenecks,
  3. optimize the organization to ensure you are delivering the right solutions and services to the business,
  4. while making the most efficient use of your resources.

Transform your IT department into an engine for growth with Reconfig.

Key benefits of redesigning IT department with Reconfig

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