What is Reconfig?

Reconfig is an AI powered organizational design platform that can better 

align your organizational structure with your work processes. 

Cloud based, and with zero technical setup required, 

Reconfig suggests alternative organisational structures and process flows

 that can be modified to your specific requirements.

Our approach:  

Top Down – Strategy driven  – people intelligence   

Bottom up – fact driven – data intelligence

Reconfig Designs Organizations
from the Ground up

How should you organize your people? This is one of the most challenging decisions leaders face. Reconfig is a decision support tool. It helps you make better decisions – by providing you with the best possible data, visualization formats, and analytical methods through three steps.

Organization design software tool

1.Map your current organization

Fristly, Reconfig collects data from everyone in your organization or department. 

Then, it visualizes how your current organization works – who works with whom on which activities.


 X-ray your organization with Reconfig AI


Organization design software tool

2.Identify a better organizational structure

Reconfig contains an algorithm that finds a better organization structure, given the way people actually work. 

It identifies people that need to work together and place them in the same unit.


Get the job done, with less coordination.  

Organization design software tool

3.Implement the new organization structure

The new organizational structure will reduce required coordination and allow people to focus on their core tasks. 

This simplifies the interfaces between units and reduces organizational complexity.


 Becomes a more productive and effective organization!


*Attribution for icons used above: 1) social network by Josh Sorosky from the Noun Project.  2)Structure by monkik from the Noun Project 

The Underlying Principle of Reconfig Org Design

Align organization structure with work processes

An effective organization is one where there is alignment between work processes and organization structure. 

Reconfig is the only software solution that helps you map both by evaluating:

  •  the degree of alignment between work processes and organization structure.
  •  show you patterns of people that should be organized together to improve alignment. 

The result is your organization structure is optimized for your core processes. 

Key Features

Organization design software tool

When you send Reconfigs standardized survey to your employees respondents will select who they work with and for each of them indicate the work processes that they collaborate on. This will provide you with a snapshot of how your organization really operates today.

Organization design software tool
Organization design software tool

The survey responses are gathered by Reconfig and visualized for you to analyze either as a matrix (left) or an interactive network diagram (right). Once you have a feel for how your organization operates today you can have Reconfig suggest improvements and new organization structures using the Reconfig algorithms.

Reconfig Video Walkthrough

Play Video

In this video, we will give you an initial introduction on – how you can use Reconfig to redesign your organizational structure, so that , to become a more effective,higher performance organization. 



Duration: 5 minutes

By: co-founder and product manager Kim Soldal

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