Reconfig is a cloud software service for data-driven organization design. The tool enables leaders – and those who advise them – to make better decisions when they develop a new organizational model or consider how to adjust their current organizational model.

Typically, high-level organizational models are documented in PowerPoint by consultants and discussed in workshops with key stakeholders. That was the method used in the 1980’s, and it is still the typical approach.

With Reconfig, you can combine advanced data analytics with human judgment to design a better organization.


Design high performance organization with Reconfig AI


Digitalize org design

Reconfig digitalizes the process of organizational design with four modules: diagnose, discover, define, and design. Which provides a more  user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to excel and sticky notes,  say hello to an efficient solution.

Make data-driven decisions

Make data-informed decisions rather than rely solely on personal experience. By utilizing data analytics, you can make evidence-based decisions that are more likely to lead to success.

Visualize collaboration

As the organization grows bigger, it is harder to see how people work with each other. Use Reconfig to visualize inter-personal collaboration to uncover Inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement.

Let AI tackle the complexity

Do you spend countless hours trying to regroup a large workforce? Let Reconfig AI take care of the complex calculations to save your time and effort, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Organization design software tool

Build your organization's
digital twin


Whether you want to design the organization from scratch or model it by collecting input from your employees, Reconfig will provide you with the tools for the job.

Reconfig’s main data visualization is through the Design Structured Matrix (DSM) in which the various roles in the organization are placed on both the vertical and horizontal axes.

Inside the matrix, cells are colored if there is an interdependency between two roles.

With this powerful concept, you can easily see the collaboration patterns and interdependencies in your organization.

Moreover, this mathematical representation of your organizational data, enables the Reconfig AI engine to find a better-fitting organizational structure.

The Reconfig modules


Use any stage of the Reconfig journey as the starting point of your transformation journey.


Build consensus on the need for change
Collect input from key stakeholders to assess organizational health, identify areas for improvement and set the agenda for change


Create a high-level target operating model
Capture your purpose and mission and map required key capabilities into a high-level operating model



Analyze how people work together in the current organization
Collect data on dependencies and resource utilization identifying the bottlenecks in your current organization


Develop a better organization
Using the Reconfig AI engine, generate alternative organizational structures and test scenarios to design a high-performance, purpose-driven organization

The Diagnose module allows you to collect input from key stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and build consensus on the need for change.

Information is collected through a survey that takes each respondent only 5-10 minutes to complete. It contains 3 items for each of the 10 factors shown below.

Once the data have been collected, Reconfig displays a radar diagram that helps you identify where the main improvement areas are. This will help you structure the re-design process, and how you can use the other Reconfig modules to address the improvement areas. 

Diagnose across 10 core areas

Is your reason for being well formulated and understood?

Is your current strategy well formated and understood?

Do you have the right policies and controls in place for your organization to deliver effectively?

How well understood, standardized and optimized are the processes in your organization?

Is your organization grouped in a way that makes sense for your situation?

How well is your organization aligned to your purpose and strategy?

How well do your employees know who can decide what?

Do you currently have too many or too few management layers?

Is your organization coordinating too much or too little within and across units?

Resulting in a detailed report of opportunities

The Define module allows you to document your purpose and mission and map accountabilities for the key functions onto the high-level units to create a high-level target operating model.

This module allows you to decompose the functions into specific activities. This will make it possible, in the Discover module, to collect information on how people in the current organization are collaborating (dependencies and time utilization).

The Discover module lets you build a model of your current organization by sending a survey to individual employees or unit managers. This data collection method is fast and easy. It does not require technical integration with the internal IT systems.  The main purpose of the survey is to map the activities and interdependencies between organizational roles — who works with whom on what.   Through visualizing the collected information on dependencies and resource utilization you can identify the bottlenecks in your current organization.

Once collected in the Discover module, the data are automatically displayed in the Design module. Using powerful filter and sort functions you can analyze the collaboration patterns to identify bottlenecks. In the data model, you can also reallocate dependencies, for example in order to free up overloaded resources.

Using the Reconfig AI engine, you can then generate alternative scenarios that are optimized based on specific parameters, for example maximizing the collaboration within a unit or minimizing the dependencies between the various unit. You can compare the various scenarios and select the most suitable organizational structure to design a purpose-driven, high-performing organization.

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