Using Reconfig for post-merger integration means to embrace data driven change management. We provide comprehensive and detailed insights into how the operating models of the merging organizations while saving cost, time and frustration compared to traditional methods.

Using data provided by the employees of both organizations, Reconfig provides a fact based impact assessment for any suggested changes based on the voice of the employees. Relying on the voice of the employees will increase transparency in the integration process and reduces resistance to change. By providing every employee a chance to be heard as well as using their input to present why changes are made you can make a highly uncertain process a bit more predictable.

The data model of the organizations operating model provided by Reconfig will provide insights into how to realize the intended synergies that are the reasons for the merger in the first place. Using these data based operating models you can align each organization with the intended strategy, ensuring the resulting organization is designed to deliver as intended. Eliminating duplication of work, integrating core functions of each organization and aligning the organization structure with the post-merger strategy are all core functions of using Reconfig for Post-Merger Integration.

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Key benefits of using Reconfig


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Identify and create consensus among stakeholders about what strategic strengths and challenges currently exist in each organization

Listen to the voice of the employees to establish a digital twin of both organizations to understand their operating models.

Use the digital twin of each organization to:

  1. Get a holistic view of each organization
  2. Identify overlaps in operations
  3. Understand which organization has a stronger approach to each function

Combine the digital twins into one merged organization where the benefits are highlighted and easily communicated to the organization.

Customer success story


US renewable energy producer

To realize the value of a newly acquired business, a Renewable Energy Company had to streamline its US and Canada post-merger organization. For this task, they enlisted the help of Leading North Advisors (LNA). Using the Reconfig platform, LNA conducted a survey among 260 employees of the post-merger organization across the United States and Canada. The platform created an in-depth visualization of the current work processes and interdependencies and revealed areas of potential duplication and processes with the most coordination load. The Reconfig design module suggested an alternative organizational structure that reduced complexity and optimized the performance of the organization. The new organizational structure enabled the company to improve efficiency by 25%.

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