The Philosophy behind Reconfig product


Let the data do the talking

Organization design can be a highly political process. Our data-driven approach facilitates objective decision making.

Let AI handle the intricacy


Finding alternative structures that meet your design criteria is a complex, time-consuming task. Reconfig's AI frees up your time to focus on the human side of the transformation.

Listen to the voice of your employees


Collect and visualize the interdependencies in your organization, analyze resource utilization and identify the bottlenecks.

Engage your stakeholders

With Reconfig, your stakeholders are actively involved in the organization design process through a structured approach, securing buy-in for the new way of working


Organizations are facing increasing pressure to become more digital, agile, and sustainable. Reconfig’s data-driven transformation platform helps you identify bottlenecks and move your transformation forward step by step. Research has long shown that one of the most critical factors in successful transformations is to align the organization with the strategy.

Share your strategic challenges with our senior team of specialists and we will help you solve them using data-driven methods.

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