Can you design a better organization for this pharmaceutical company?

Reconfig provides you with a detailed view of how people collaborate in work processes inside an organization.

You can use this information to make decisions about how to organize. In this challenge, your goal is to increase productivity by reducing the organization's coordination load (see definition below).
Click on a role below to see which other roles they collaborate with. You can drag the cards between units to suggest a better grouping of roles. Your goal is to minimize the coordination load, so a lower number is better.

Once you are happy with your solution you can submit it using the form below. You will then be able to see how you did compared to other challengers and to the Reconfig algorithm.

Reconfig uses three factors to calculate Coordination Load:

A = coordination between departments is inefficient

B = missing coordination within a department is inefficient

C = larger departments are inefficient

Coordination Load = A + B + C

Lower Coordination Load means a more efficient organization

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