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For the successful execution of an organization’s strategy, it is essential that its structure and operating model are aligned with strategic goals and work processes. Otherwise, decision-making becomes slow, leading to missed opportunities, suboptimal performance, and low employee morale. Many leaders see the need for change, but due to a lack of stakeholder alignment, most organizational transformations fail.


With the Reconfig data-analytics platform, you can visualize the current state of your organization and identify the critical areas in your organization that need reconfiguring: overburdened resources, unclear responsibilities, duplication of efforts, and working in silos.

Reconfig supports a structured approach to engage stakeholders in fact-based decision-making about the future of your organization.

You can model different improvement scenarios and compare the impact of design decisions. With the power of AI, you can identify a better-fitting structure to reduce complexity, empowering employees to perform at their best.


Every organization is different, and every transformation project will require dedicated analysis and design. However, to guarantee the best outcome, Reconfig supports a proven approach with clearly defined phases and outcomes.


1. Set the agenda for change

Identify the gap between your organization’s current and potential performance and create consensus among the stakeholders about the scope for organizational optimization

2. Define the target Operating Model

Identify required capabilities to realize the organization’s mission, create a list of activities and map responsibilities onto organizational units

3. Analyze the current organization

Collect data about how work processes are currently performed, identify dependencies, and analyze resource utilization (how time is spent), resulting in an overview of the bottlenecks in the current organisation.

4. Redesign the organization

Develop alternative organizational architectures, testing and validating ideas that are generated, select the best-fitting blueprint for a high-performance, purpose-driven organisation.

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