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Reconfig is a global organization design software developer based out of Norway. The company was founded by three Norwegians with the shared goal of delivering innovation to the field of organization design. Reconfig is working to bring about a a paradigm shift that makes data-driven organization design the obvious method to create better organizations.

Reconfig’s management team combines a broad set of backgrounds consisting of organizational theory, change management, business development, engineering, and computer science. We all have extensive management consulting experience with firms in multiple industries, so we know the kind of issues business leaders and management consultants are facing and we work to deliver tools and methods that solve these issues.

Since the first version of Reconfig in 2016 we have been hands on delivering projects alongside partners and customers refining the platform and methodology. Since 2019 Reconfig has been used by consulting partners through the Reconfig cloud to deliver successful client projects. In 2021 we launched the Reconfig Consulting Network to promote further collaboration between Reconfig and its partners.

Tim de Boer

is responsible for general management with a focus on commercial development of Reconfig.

Tim is an experienced business leader with a strong track record in bringing innovative products to market. Tim's expertise includes strategy, marketing, and change management.

Tim holds an M.Sc. In Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Nicolay Worren

Nicolay Worren

is responsible for the strategic development of the Reconfig platform. Nicolay is also an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Life Science.

He worked as a management consultant for 18 years and advised many clients on organization design.

Nicolay holds a Master’s degree from McGill University in psychology and a Doctorate from Oxford University in management studies.

Nicolay writes a blog: www.organizationdesign.net

Tore Christiansen

Tore Christiansen

is responsible for analysis and interpretation of data, as well as for the development of metrics that can be used to evaluate organizational fitness.

Tore has extensive experience with computer simulation of organizations. In addition to long corporate experience, he has previously co-founded two companies.

Tore holds engineering degrees from Imperial College (Bachelor), MIT (Master) and Stanford University (PhD).

Kim Soldal

Kim Soldal

is responsible for the technical development of the product.

Kim has 10 years product management and consulting experience from global professional services firms including Deloitte, IBM, and Capgemini. Including a process mining service and an AI prediction service using industry wide data.

Kim holds a Master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the Norwegian University of Technology (NTNU).

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