Who we are

We are three Norwegians with a common interest in developing next generation organization design methods and tools.

We all have extensive management consulting experience with firms in multiple industries, so we know the kind of issues managers are facing.

We have very different backgrounds – but we believe this is a strength, since innovation comes from combining ideas from different fields – in our case; organizational theory, engineering, and computer science.

The first prototype of the tool was developed in 2016. Since then, we have been refining the methodology, which culminated in the founding of Reconfig in 2018. In 2019 we introduced the Reconfig cloud solution to the market and successfully applied it in multiple client projects. 

Nicolay Worren

Nicolay Worren

is an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Life Science. In Reconfig, he is responsible for client projects and conceptual design of the tool.

Before entering academia in 2015, he worked as a management consultant for 18 years, and advised clients in more than 30 organization design projects.

Nicolay holds a Master’s degree from McGill University in psychology and a Doctorate from Oxford University in management studies. Nicolay writes a blog: www.organizationdesign.net

Tore Christiansen

Tore Christiansen

works on client projects and is responsible for analysis and interpretation of data, as well as for the development of metrics that can be used to evaluate organizational fitness.

Tore has extensive experience with computer simulation of organizations. In addition to long corporate experience, he has previously co-founded two companies.

Tore holds engineering degrees from Imperial College (Bachelor), MIT (Master) and Stanford University (PhD).

Kim Soldal

Kim Soldal

is the product manager in Reconfig and responsible for the technical development of the tool. Kim is developing the core functionality of the tool and now manages the product development team.

Kim has 10 years product management and consulting experience from global professional services firms including Deloitte, IBM, and Capgemini.

He holds a Master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the Norwegian University of Technology (NTNU).

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