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Organizing for Success

Our CTO, Kim Soldal, recently created a song titled “Organizing for Success” via AI, and we’re absolutely blown away by its high quality. AI truly showcases its incredible capabilities. Take a moment to give it a listen:


Organizing for Success


Did you know, a matrix structure can be a great solution?

It breaks down silos, promotes collaboration (collaboration)

And when it comes to communication, trust me you gotta be transparent

Open and honest, it’s the key to engagement (ooh yeah)


[Verse 2]

Let’s talk spans of control, it’s all about that balance

Too narrow, you’ll suffocate, too wide, it’s a challenge (oh-oh)

And when it comes to autonomy, give your team the freedom to shine

Empower them with choices, you’ll see the results are plentyyy



Oh, organizing for success, it’s a journey we embark

Harnessing the power, building synergy from the start

Fun facts about organization design, let’s rock and roll

Together we’ll create a team that’s unstoppable (ooh yeah)

As we groove to the beats of “Organizing for Success”, let’s reflect on the limitless possibilities AI offers in shaping the future of organizational design. At Reconfig, we’re passionate about leveraging AI and data to empower businesses to thrive in dynamic environments by navigating complexities, identifying bottlenecks, uncovering opportunities, and redesigning an effective organizational structure to achieve enduring success. 

 Let’s embrace this future together—book a demo to explore how Reconfig can help drive your organization forward with data and AI.