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Engage your stakeholders

Actively involve your stakeholders in the organization design process through a structured approach, securing buy-in for the new way of working.

Let the data do the talking

Organization design can be a highly political process. Our data-driven approach facilitates objective decision-making.

Collect input from employees

Collect and visualize the interdependencies in your organization, analyze resource utilization and identify the bottlenecks.

Let AI tackle the complexity

Finding alternative structures that meet your design criteria is a complex, time-consuming task. Reconfig's AI frees up your time to focus on the human side of the transformation.


Create a digital twin to simulate your organization


Transform your organization with Reconfig, the cutting-edge Organization Structure Design Tool powered by AI. Streamline and optimize your organizational structure effortlessly for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Reconfigā€™s workbench visualizes and optimizes collaboration in your organization

With 4 powerful, easy-to-use modules, Reconfig supports a structured approach toā€¦

  • Diagnose organizational health, setting the agenda for change with your stakeholders
  • Define your high-level target operating model
  • Discover bottlenecks in your organization by listening to the voice of your employees
  • Design a better-aligned organization, reducing coordination costs by as much as 50%
Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design
Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design

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Our Purpose

To help leaders and management consultants createĀ better organizations for a better world.

Our Mission

To provide next-generation tools and services for Organisation Design that combine the power of human judgement and Artificial Intelligence.

Examples of projects across the world

Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design

Dutch city

The Dutch government decided to delegate responsibilities in the social domain from the national level to the city level. With Reconfig, consultant Berenschot helped the organization of a city with 2,200 employees to prepare for accepting new tasks.

Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design

Sustainable Rice Platform

SRP is a global multiā€stakeholder alliance with over 100 institutional members from the public and private sector. With the help of Reconfig, consultant Jeffrey Wright advised on optimizing SRPā€™s governance model to prepare the global rice sector for a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design

Post-merger optimization

To integrate a newly acquired business, a US-based Renewable Energy Company had to streamline its post-merger organization. Leading North Advisors (LNA) used the Reconfig platform to identify an alternative organizational structure that reduced complexity and increased performance by 25%.

Reconfig: Organization Structure Design Tool | AI Powered Org Design

Indian incubator

Together with our Indian partner PeopleWiz, Reconfig analyzed the current collaboration patterns for one of the leading Indian startup incubators. As a result, we were able to reduce coordination overload through a better organizational structure.

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