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Reconfig is a next generation cloud solution for organization design
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Reconfig is a next generation cloud solution for organization design

This video explains what Reconfig is all about.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Why a new approach to organization design is needed
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Why a new approach to organization design is needed

In this video, co-founder Nicolay Worren explains why we need better organization design methods, and how you can make use of Reconfig. 

Duration: 2 minutes.

What is Reconfig?

Reconfig is an AI software tool for data collection, analysis and optimization of organizational structures
  • The purpose is to help support decisions about organization design by:
    • Mapping the current organization
    • Identifying the best way to align the formal structure with the work processes
    • Optimizing the organization by minimizing coordination cost (at the team, sub-unit, or org. level)
  • Reconfig makes it possible to conduct a data based organization design process
AI Powered organization structure design tool
With Reconfig organization design tool, you can map the information flow of your company, analyze your work processes and design your organizational structure to achieve the best possible fit between intended and actual work processes. Better alignment between structure and process will give you increased accountability; lower coordination costs; reduced complexity, and ultimately, increased productivity.
AI Powered organization structure design tool

Why use Reconfig?

  1. Discover what’s in the white space on your organization chart
  2. Evaluate the overall coordination density of your organization
  3. Identify the coordination bottlenecks in your organization
  4. Identify which processes require the most coordination in total and across departments
  5. Identify potential duplication of roles and processes
  6. Group roles into teams and departments
  7. Identify the overall organizational model
  8. Test and evaluate manually developed organizational models against the data

Reconfig – Helping leaders design more effective, higher performing organizations through AI powered decision support.

Some of our projects across different sectors:

The government of the Netherlands delegated new responsibilities to the municipalities in 2021. Reconfig helped to prepare one of the affected municipality to take on these new responsibilities in the social domain.

Optimized governance model for the Sustainable Rice Platform – transforming the global rice sector for a healthy, inclusive and sustainable future.

Designed a new org structure for post-merger integration of a Renewable Energy Company in US. Reconfig found an alternative structure that reduced complexity, eliminated duplicate functions, and supported change management.

Optimized the structure of a large start-up incubator in India together with our partner PeopleWiz Consulting.

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